the bigger picture

When it comes to bigger productions, more minds make for better images. That's why here at Animantium Productions we have a small select set of external freelancers on call ready for any production type to increase flexibility and creativity. Our content is predominantly created by founder Tom, however the production company itself takes on larger projects with the help of its creatives.

Tom Ross

BSc Hons, MA

As well as the founder, Tom is also a short wildlife film award winner. A past lecturer and module leader of video production, wildlife documentary film-making and natural history photography at the University of South Wales for two years. Tom now hopes to concentrate on creating new and inspirational content for vast audiences. He produces and directs on a client to client and project to project basis, with experience in broadcast and developing media platforms.

Although a PD for Animantium Productions, Tom's skills reside in his technical abilities to:

  • Use advanced conventional digital cinema camera systems including remote camera operation, sliding time-lapses and Steadicam©/gimbal operations

  • Create 360° video content via multi camera rigs, including post production (since 2014)

  • Capture aerial media with a CAA commercial drone licence

  • Project research & scriptwriting

  • Edit comprehensively (Adobe CC package + advanced plugins)

  • Colour grading (Davinci Resolve Pro)

  • Mix audio through Avid Pro Tools

As a freelancer, his passion is to capture natures wonders in new and exciting ways. Completing both a BSc Hons Natural History degree at the University of South Wales and a MA Wildlife Film-making with distinction at UWE in partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit, his passion for the natural world is indisputable. Having already worked within natural history content on both broadcast (BBC, NAT GEO) and social media platforms, he hopes to one day inspire budding conservationist through new and exciting visual mediums.

Oxfordshire and Bristol based, working nationally and internationally on various projects